Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stomach flus need vacations, too

Yesterday's word count was 750, today's so far sits at 600--along with a whole lot of tinkering around with structure and revising existing scenes to suit the new plan. Not shabby.

Sunday afternoon and evening revolved mostly around phone calls back and forth to the fishing cabin in Wisconsin. Cell reception in that area is not happy (I'm not entirely sure the cabins even HAVE land lines), so there was much "what?" "huh?" "what?" "I can't hear you let me go stand on my head in the corner and see if reception is better." Seems Michael came down with a stomach bug. Husband is not highly practiced in dealing with sick children, so I struggled on my end to determine Michael's real status vs. the level of near hysteria in husband's voice. After being told that Michael had passed out (I'm still unsure if he really did, or for how long), I told husband to just take him to the emergency room. It really was just a stomach bug, but the trip was still worth it since it meant knowing for sure what was going on. Poor Joey had to ride along in case Michael vomited or passed out en route , but he apparently lived up to the sudden need to step into some grown up responsibility quite admirably. I made very sure to tell him I was proud of him. He, of course, was sick the next day. Hopefully they'll still get in at least one day of fun before it's time to come home.

Today is the first official, non-weekend, non-holiday day of my summer vacation. I feel vaguely guilty about not having the flu.

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