Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Will the real Q3 story please step forward?

Writers of the Future blog entry from today.

About the 16th line down in the list. See, I knew I was filling you all in on the whole "which quarter is whom?" business for a reason. (Yeah, right.)


Here you go. The Second (but not the last) set of Honorable Mentions for the 3rd Quarter.

Congratulations to you all.


Lori E. Erickson from Indiana

That would be for the real Q3 story, "But He Had Wings." (As opposed to the unreal and unfinished one mentioned in the sidebar process document.) It's not a win, but I hadn't started, let alone finished, let alone tried to place a story in over two years. So you know what?

Screw off, internal perfectionist. Yay, me.