Friday, October 3, 2008

Pigs from HELL

OK, no, this blog entry has nothing whatsoever to do with pigs. The reference is to a line I've been known to utter when leveling a character through Hellfire Peninsula in World of Warcraft. Those of you who play with me know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. WoW is fun. Getting to Hellfire Peninsula is fun. Those first couple of levels out there, however, let's face it--they can be pretty rough going. As in, you just think you're making progress and doing well and WHAM! Out of nowhere, demon pigs chewing on your ankles.

That's what today's writing has been like. The chapter I'm currently working on needed a LOT of reshaping and new scenes. It took me forever and half a red pen to work out, and then just when I thought I had progress, I had to sit down and make heads and tails from my notes and locate all the cut scenes in my scrap pile to paste in and type in new material and... Yeah.


The up side is, when you finish that last quest and move on to the next chapter... err... zone, you get to thumb your nose at the demon pigs and leave them behind you.

Of course, then there are the warp hunters. And the invisible wolves.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I remember those pigs. My priest is going through that area right now.

I still say they're a failed Sidewinder Band experiment. ;)

Also, invisible wolves can go to hell.

Good luck with the chapter!

Lori Erickson said...

I wouldn't doubt it. SWB is always to blame for something, it may as well be the pigs.

That chapter is done. (Yay!) I moved on and managed to find the warp hunters before calling it quits for the day, yesterday.

The good news is, it's hard going, but what ends up on the page is as close to what I'd originally envisioned as anything that's been there so far.