Monday, March 9, 2009

Head on without a care

The first part of last week was great. I accomplished a great deal of plot-untangling for Crowmaker and managed to work out all the big kinks leading up to the ending. I also have more than a vague idea how the story really ends. (Although I'm not sure. Which is fine, because not knowing for sure is part of what keeps me wanting to work on a story.) I also uncovered a big question important to the story making sense, and I have yet to determine exactly how I will answer that question. I have some vague ideas, but I am letting them stew for the time being.

Round about Thursday morning, with no tangible work left to do on Crowmaker for the moment aside from the stewing, the blues caught up with me again. I spent most of Thursday and Friday reading, which is fine because reading is good for writing, but which for some reason never feels enough like work to prevent me from adding guilt to the blues mix. The weekend was spent on catching up on household stuff, which is tangible, and which does feel enough like work to banish the guilt portion of the blues. Come this morning, I was able to sit down with some notes I'd scribbled over the weekend and start working again, although not solely on Crowmaker.

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