Friday, August 8, 2008


Doctor's appointment today, in which she performed what is notated on the billing as "I&D." This stands for (I believe) "incise and drain." I'll let you all figure out for yourselves how much fun that was. Let me just state that the phrases "little pinch" and "bee sting" are LIES. And also, the numbing stuff only works on the surface, not on the down deep part which is having the ever-loving life squeezed out of it. ("Drain" implies a natural process involving gravity and allowing fluids to move at their normal pace. I'm thinking the "D" part of this procedure might need some renaming.) I also got another shot in the "hip." But my doctor is such a sweet lady--she uttered an alarmed "I'm sorry!" so many times that I started to feel bad for her. The really bad new is, the infection is apparently pretty deep and has branched out into at least three separate directions, so I have to go see a general surgeon and get her opinion on how to best eradicate the infection itself. (This will happen on Monday.) And THEN, once the infection is gone, I get to have the cyst that caused all this fuss removed!


On a brighter note, the leg feels better than it has in a couple of weeks. For the moment. In the meantime, Michael's ingrown toenail was showing signs of developing another infection (!!!) so I have to take him in this afternoon. Always with the weekend looming does this stuff happen. I'm not entirely sure it's really infected, but if I wait a full two days to find out, it'll have that chance to explode into full uber-infected-ness. So here's hoping that numbing stuff that's currently keeping my leg happy will stretch out for a few more hours, just long enough to get through his doctor's appointment and get our collection of prescriptions filled.

One of them is for Darvocet. Since I'm solo parenting this weekend, I'm hoping I won't need it, but it's sure nice to know it'l be there.

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