Monday, September 8, 2008

Picture day?

In lieu of actual content, I bring you some findings from the digital camera download this morning. (Which came about after I took snapshots of my "Pale Roses" notes so I could take the lazy route on updating the Google Doc on the writing process. Which I have done, so if you're following along, there is new content.)

Storm passing to the east, sun shining over the house behind me to the west = pretty rainbow. Oddly, we get a lot of these. Sometimes doubles.

Because no selection of photos is complete without Avie. Just ask her. Toes provided courtesy the Michael-Monster. He is wearing one sock because there is a bandage on that big toe, and if there is no sock, he will pick the bandage until it "accidentally" falls off.

The writer at work. Sort of. OK. The writer slacking off by taking pictures of her work space and pretending it proves she was working. You can see brave Avie in the background, trying to decide if the deck is safe to enter. I mean... Checking to make sure nothing evil is lurking in threat of her beloved mistress.

Apparently, the hubby figured out my camera and took pictures of the lightning-struck tree in my absence. Please note the lamp post in the middle of the tree. This is approximately where my van would have been parked, had I been home. Instead, the van was in another state being struck by a cranky lady who would later chew me out for daring to file an insurance claim for the damage she caused. I think I'd rather have dealt with the tree. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have thrown a hissy fit at me.

More tree footage, after the hubby has cleared away some of the branches in order to get a better shot of the poor lamp post.

OK. I really am going to go do some work now. Real work. Involving plotting and/or plot problem solving and/or actual writing.


Anonymous said...

Crytime! The link to the Google doc doesn't seem to be working.

Sean said...

Cute dog. :)