Friday, December 12, 2008

That's my story and I'm sticking to it

It wasn't the most productive week ever, but I did manage to get a solid start on an outline for a rewrite of Crowmaker. I also did a fair chunk of chasing links to new and interesting blogs and articles. (Some of which I've added to my sidebar.) Technically, the link chasing counts as work, falling under the "educational" category. I also did some meager research into where I should send "Wings" next.

The blog watch for the WotF contest is officially over--I got the rejection letter for "Pale Roses" in the mail today. So researching potential markets for that story also goes on my To Do list. In looking at my calendar, I have one regular work week left before Christmas break hits. I'm not counting on accomplishing a lot during the two weeks of break, so I probably won't put the market research or submitting of either short story on my calendar until after the kids go back to school. I may admit to just feeling rather bleh about doing much of anything with either of them. Or I may not.

So, in summary: This week was not a complete loss, for which I am thankful and pleased. Next week will likely follow a similar pattern of leisurely writing-related work, and the two weeks after that are entirely up for grabs. The first day following break will no doubt find me at my desk, eager to plan my little heart out and get something productive done.

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