Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Maybe the season

Yes, I have been quieter than usual lately. And I know that some of you will worry if you don't hear from me now and then, so let me just say that I am not quiet because I am in the middle of a blue funk. Quite the opposite, for the moment. The sun has been shining, and while I have been wrestling with questions of a spiritual, "where is my life going?" nature (as if THAT is anything new), I have also been on a mostly even emotional keel. I have also written over 12,000 words on my new little side project, as well as dealing with the every day mother and housewife stuff, as well as making sure I make time to just hang out with my guys.

So yes, quiet. But not in any bad way.

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Sean said...

Sounds like a life is good post to me. I love those times. :)

I watches a video last night on PBS of some guy building a log cabin from the ground up in the middle of nowhere in Alaska. Made me wish I paid more attention in shop class back in high school. :P