Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The final countdown

Having planted in my brain an 80's song I haven't thought of since... well, the 80's, I continue with today's blog post. (Link warning: Youtube, tight leather pants, and big hair.)

The current project has reached the end of act 2. The plot boulder is perched atop the mountain and ready to be nudged into rolling down the other side. The word count is in the appropriate vicinity for this point in the plot, and the plot seems to have held together quite well for the duration of the story. I estimate another 3,000-4,000 words worth of first draft to THE END, and then I can go back and start filling in the most obvious of the gaping holes. Most of that will involve anchoring existing scenes into the physical setting with some actual sensory description of some kind. (The part of writing which never comes intuitively for me, so I always have to go back and color it in.) I don't think that declaring my intention to finish the rough by end of day Friday would be over-estimating my abilities. (Barring the occurrence of sick children, dog, or self.)

In other news, today is pick-up day for the school's cookie dough sale. Gallon buckets of cookie dough, just for me.

I mean, us. Just for us. That's what I meant.

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Sean said...

I love how you reference that song and describe the plot boulder. :P

Cookie dough!!!