Sunday, January 3, 2010

But I'm too young to worry

Today's blog title is dedicated to Jimmy Owen Sullivan, because Joey is seriously bummed about the death of a drummer whose style and technique he admired. And hey, I kinda like some of Avenged Sevenfold's stuff, too. And just because it's always pretty sucky when someone that young dies.

Tomorrow is back to school and work day. I knew winter break would go by too fast. I was right. I have organized myself and set some writing goals for 2010. With some trepidation, I've signed on for the Two Year Novel course at the Forward Motion Writers' Community. I tried telling myself I didn't need any additional projects, but myself kept answering with that niggly little "but I really think you need to do this" tickle in my gut. So I caved and signed on. I do usually learn a lot by trying out other writers' processes, and the community in general seems like a decent group of folks.

And to kick off 2010, I have sold a story. "On A Black Horse" will appear in the anthology The Four Horsemen from Pill Hill Press. That was another case of the niggly little tickle, that time inspiring me to dig out an old almost-story and turn it into a real story because it seemed like it would fit so perfectly in that call for submissions. Thank you, niggly little tickle.


Grizz said...

Congrats on the story!

I know you said you'd reworked it, and I would love to read the awesomer version. :D

Sean said...

Awesome to hear about the story, congratulations!

Lauren said...

Woo-hoo! Congratulations! When is the anthology due out so we can snag it when it's hot off the presses?

(Also, looking at that FM link, I'm horribly tempted to sign up myself...)

Lori Erickson said...

Thanks, guys! I may be just a little excited. >.>

Lauren: How hard do you need me to twist your arm? Class doesn't start until 1/8. You still have time to sign on.

Grizz said...

You're so excited that you haven't even been on gtalk! Come say hi sometime. ;)

Lauren said...

Hrm. I'm going to be out of the country until 1/13 (zomg Ireland zomg wheeee). But I notice that the sign-ups are going to be up through 1/15. I'll surf on over and post my interest!