Monday, June 30, 2008

Like herding puppies

I was discussing the whole idea generation/writing process with Grizz this morning. I commented that from the documentation I was doing, I could really see how I kept going back over and over things, looking for bits of story idea that I'd missed, and that it was not a very linear process. Grizz's comment:

"It's like... puppies! Puppies following you. Every so often you stop, turn around, and make sure none have straggled behind, and see how many new ones have joined the pack. And then regroup. Or... something."

He thought it was silly, but I find it a very apt analogy. Making up stories is like herding puppies!

Lots of house projects to work on this week. Michael has a new window in his room which needs the interior stained and new curtains hung. It also has a big arched window over the regular windows, from which they had to remove the fancy fan blind when they did the window replacing. I'm not sure it'll fit the new window, and I'm fairly clueless how it goes back in anyhow. Wish me luck on figuring that out--after the staining is done, of course. I finally convinced the husband that we really need to hire painters for the exterior, since a lot of it will require big ladders and possibly even scaffolding. I am not inclined to a) let my 12 year old attempt it or b) do it myself. Joey has stated, however, that he will paint the shed. (Oh, the lure of Heroscape figures.)

So, after I finish up this entry and brush my teeth, it's off to buy staining and painting supplies. And then check on the puppy herd when I return. (Provided they don't stampede me while I'm out and away from my computer, as they sometimes do. Puppies from heaven!)


Anonymous said...

Personally, mine aren't story puppies. They're story cats.

They steadfastly refuse to be herded...and they always end up lying just out of petting reach, glaring at me balefully.

Sean said...

My dogs are ones used to herd animals. That said this made me think of the time Hoss tried to herd some bugs on the back porch. Aussies are fun. :P

Lori Erickson said...

So, I guess maybe story puppies aren't such a bad thing, if they at least let me pet them. And they're not bugs. >.>