Monday, June 2, 2008

The week in review

Lost 1/2 a pound, gained 3,000 or so new words on Crowmaker, and did a ton of work on backstory and setting and structure for Crowmaker. I also finished my re-read of Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow & Thorn "trilogy." As I anticipated going into it for the second time, it was a less breathless and driven read than the first time around (some ten or so years ago), but I also picked up a lot of subtleties that I'd missed during my first break-neck reading. The final climax of the series remains one of my all-time favorites, maybe even moreso since I was more tuned into the more finely-painted vibes this time around.

I picked up "Wings" this morning, after having taken a week and a half away from it. It's going through a tweak phase now, but by and large it seems to hang together pretty well as is--I don't foresee any major overhauls for it. I don't feel any great emotional attachment to the story, as I have to some others, but as stories go, it seems to be working. I'll aim to finish tweaks by the end of the day tomorrow, give it another day or two of quiet time, then one more once-over before I print out the final draft and ship it off to the contest. (After noting that the contest rules specifically mention accepting dark fantasy, I concluded that "Wings" should at least have a shot at WotF before I shop it around elsewhere.)

Hmm. I was fascinated by these when they first came out, although by the time I got my own computer, they'd already started to fall out of favor--although one of my first real honest-to-God computer games was King's Quest V. And I remember having to upgrade my RAM to play Quest for Glory IV.

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