Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A productive, non-productive day

I only have 750 words so far today. Which is not the end of the world, and I think I'll have some time later this afternoon/evening to get at least 1,250 if not a full 2,500. I had grocery shopping this morning, so I was late getting to it, and then Joey expressed a wish for French toast, so we made that. I'm in a mildly weepy mood this last week of summer break; every summer brings us closer to that one last summer together. I have no idea why I've started thinking that way lately, because we're still years away from it. Seeing grown up nieces and nephews lately, maybe, and realizing that my boys will be the next to enter that realm. So making French toast with them was a nice moment far more than it was a chore; precious time with my boys.

Later, just as I was sitting down to try and write again, the dog came in to inform me that it was exactly 29 minutes until lunch, and the boys followed her in. I wound up with a pile of boys and dog on the floor at my feet while I read them the latest Cat & Monkey adventure from Elizabeth Bear's blog. They wanted more, so we perused her labels and wound up finding this. (Grizz. Don't take a drink until you're done reading.) It was all the more amusing because our own dog was also STARVING, and if we had sweet potatoes, I could easily envision a similar incident in our own kitchen.

So yeah. Not a lot of actual writing done today, although some good headway on figuring out what the next scene looks like. But lots of other, less tangible but still important moments.


Anonymous said...

Oh god, the sweet potato story cracks me up EVERY. TIME.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't read that before! I was laughing so hard that I had tears streaming down my cheeks. :D

I hadn't read the cat vs. monkey stuff before either - that's fantastic!

I'm really, really tempted to eat the $300 deposit and get a cat. :-\