Monday, August 18, 2008


Yes, the boys started back to school today. Yes, I had my traditional little sniffle in the empty van on the way home. But they had a good day, and I had a good day, so all is well.

Those following along at home will already have noticed that I haven't entered any new word count in my progress meter over there since uh... Wednesday last week? This is OK, really. The story's been hauling along like gangbusters, especially for my two primary characters. Then I hit a point just before the plot twist at the fulcrum of the story where the secondary characters need to become more active in things, and when I prodded them into taking the stage, they were all wooden and just mouthing the words and not really, you know, alive. You may recall I had this issue while writing the Q3 story, and I also ran into it in "Wings." Short stories, it's pretty easy to go back and discover/rediscover the characters you lost track of. Partially-completed novel of over 60,000 words, not such a fast process. So I'm in the process of tracking back through the draft and finding where these people got abandoned and rescuing them. This will involve new word count eventually, but I still have the dogs out locating them.

And I still really like this story. I'm looking forward to getting to know those lost characters better, and I'm looking forward to finding out exactly what happens in the upcoming twist and beyond. I may have finally stumbled onto the writing process that works for me--so far, so good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

In other news, beautiful, almost fall-like day here today, so I got in my first peaceful morning walk of the school year. I hit a new low point with the weight last week, after a long month or so of trying to drag myself off a plateau. I hadn't been walking, with the sore leg and all, so hopefully being able to get out and around more will help that, too.

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