Thursday, May 15, 2008

There are surely other things I should be doing.

But that is, of course, exactly what encouraged me to create a blog to begin with, right? I have the first drafts of not one, but two short stories that I started with the goal of entering them in the Writers of the Future contest, as well as two previously written stories which I could revise for the same purpose. Turn one of those drafts into a polished story? Oh no, I really must create my own blog first. Go, me!

On a brighter and less self-admonishing note, I really do have high hopes for all those not-yet-finished stories, and I'm proud of the mostly-steady work pace I've been keeping. I only started the most recent one Monday, after all, and I finished that first draft this morning. It has a lot of promise, a lot of good stuff already in existence, and I am (mostly) confident that I have it in me to do it justice. The one I started that got too long and disqualified itself from the contest, I have even higher hopes for. (Just not for that contest.)

From Falconesse: "So much of my writing begins with me agonizing over names. I’ve managed to get over the need to choose a title before I can start - several of my works-in-progress are saved as something that lets me recognize what is within the file - “Running,” “Karris,” “Vamp Story,” (which, by the way, isn’t about vampires at all, since within three pages it had changed into something else entirely. But if I changed the title, I’d have no idea what was in there.) That used to cripple me, though, this feeling that I had to have a great title before I could do anything else."

As with so many other things where she and I are concerned: ~~~ (Those are shared brainwaves, for those not yet in the know. I'd take credit, but some long-ago gaming friend taught it to me. God, I wish I could remember who. Someone I miss, I'm sure.) For those playing along at home, I'm calling the two afore-mentioned stories "Wings" and "Sacrifice." I'm not sure how well either of those titles will apply once the stories are actually done.

Summer will be an iffy time for writing, since I have yet to see what kind of balance the boys and I will be able to strike between us time vs. time for individuals doing their own things. The bottom line is, I have missed our home schooling terribly and am looking forward to our self-assigned summer projects. I'm alternately boggled and thrilled at what interesting people my babies have turned out to be. Yes, I'm sure I'm biased, but I also genuinely enjoy talking history and music with Joey or books and science experiments with Michael. (Science is, generally speaking, way over my head--but it's fun to try things anyhow!) If only I could bribe someone else to take them to the pool--have I ever mentioned my fear/hate relationship with swimming?

So, summer may be less than productive on the writing front--but it'll be pay dirt in kid time, and I'm willing to bet I learn a thing or three along with the boys.

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