Saturday, May 17, 2008

Worlds Between

As noted previously, I sometimes get really hung up on details. When creating this blog, I was all fine until I hit the registration screen that asked for the name of my blog. Ah! Panic! Dealbreaker--I'll have to take a few days to think about it and get back to you on that, OK?

In a show of rebellion against my easily-spooked muse, I forced myself to leave the registration screen open while I wracked my brain for ideas. Since I figured this would be largely about my writing (since it is a large part of my life), I wound up on my bibliography page as I looked for ideas. It won't take a genius to figure out that I ended up taking my blog's name from the title of my one and only semi-published novel, The World Between Earth and Sky.

I've always been fascinated by Native American culture and stories. Before/while writing The World Between, I read a lot on those topics in the name of research. Many of the Native American tribes subscribed to the belief in different worlds--a world beneath the earth, where the first people first lived before climbing into this one; a world above the sky; a world beneath the waters. This world, the one we live in now, they called "the world between earth and sky."

But even this world is broken down into different layers of life. Don't we live in different worlds just in the course of a single day? I am in a world of nothing but sun and sky and quiet when the dog and I take a walk or sit outside to read. (I read; the dog tries to oust the book from my lap.) I live in sensibility and practicality as I urge the boys through the daily routines of school and homework and bedtime. I delve into the whirling realm of my own imagination as I write, and visit the worlds created by others when I read their stories. I lived the world of my childhood, of my young adulthood, of my motherhood, of all the other -hoods crammed in there.

Our lives are bounded between our earthy births and our passing into the sky-like unknown. We can't know where we came from or where we go, but we have our worlds between.

In other words, "Worlds Between" is a poetic way to say "this blog is about my life." Genius, huh?

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