Sunday, May 25, 2008

The week in review

Not quite another pound lost this week, but still on track overall. I managed to get out and walk every day this week, even squeezing into brief dry spells between showers a couple of those days. Treated myself to a cookie dough Blizzard Friday night--sometimes the soul just needs ice cream.

Yesterday's new word count finished out at around 1,250. No new word count so far today. Last night as I was brushing my teeth, "Crowmaker" wandered into the bathroom and tugged at my sleeve and said, "Hey, I think I wanna grow up to be a novel. Just think about it, OK?" So today has mostly consisted of housework and pacing around the house in between scribbling down sporadic outbursts of ideas on how to grant that wish. I'm cautiously optimistic, but also trying to wind down and shift gears into a pace that will take me a longer distance. This will not be a sprint; a novel is a whole different kind of race than a short story.

My original "get back on track" plan had been to write at least one short story for each WotF deadline and use any down time due to drawer time or early completion to write additional shorts, maybe some flash fic. This can still work, I think. The new plan is to do the one short story for the deadline and shift back to "Crowmaker" instead of additional short fic in the interim periods. This should give me the instant gratification of finishing a story (and thus the reminder that I am capable of doing so) while still giving the longer work time to grow without undue pressure.

I hope.

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