Thursday, July 31, 2008

Be a good one

The Muse and I are on speaking terms again, the Lesser Demon of Overanalysis has been put back in his cage until such time as his critical eye is actually useful, and I've managed to almost fill my daily word count quota. There is also office furniture enroute, so I can soon look at my notes while I type, without having to keep one hand on the precariously-balanced notebook in my lap. These are good things.

I have determined that, desk or not, I may need to rethink my habit of squeezing two, sometimes even four, pages onto a single piece of paper when I print out notes and drafts. The idea is to save paper, but two pages/sheet makes me squint and four pages/sheet requires me to put my nose on the paper and peer under my glasses to make it out. And even then, it's more like "those shapes on the page are vaguely familiar and remind me of what I think I wrote there" than "I can actually read those words." So uh... Yeah. The up side is, I have tons of papers and flyers from the boys' school with nice blank space on the reverse side--a full copy paper box full, at present, with more flowing in come the start of school in two weeks. I can still conserve paper and recycle! Even as I go blind.

Two weeks until school starts. What the hell happened to our summer?


Anonymous said...

Even though we're making an attempt to "go green" and all that, we're still getting tons of stuff on paper. I'm looking at a stack or two right now that I'll probably recycle, since I'll get the same ones again in about a month.

If you ever want a big box o'paper, let me know. You just might have to de-staple-ify them.

Grizz said...

My company shows an impressive ability to waste paper.

It's kinda sad, really.

Sean said...

When I print something I tend to go 1 page per page, but at work I go 2 pages for 1 page if I'm printing out a draft of source code or some technical document thats only going to be useful to me for only one project.

One thing about paper, it's potentially there longer then your average computer storage device. So even though green is a good thing, it'll most likely last longer then a backup CD or drive. Especially since back in the day 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disks were all the rage and where are they today?

Lori Erickson said...

I am mildly paranoid about backups. This is a good thing, I imagine, though. I have a flash drive I back up with every night or every other night, and I also use MozyHome as an off site back up. >.>

I found more paper cleaning out the basement. My husband pulled a sheet out of the scrap paper box to show Michael some basic economics stuff. (Can you start a kid on economics too early? Michael is apparently a natural.) He flipped it over and then did a double take. "Uh. Hon, this copy of a letter is from 2002?"

I use back sides of old stuff for everything from grocery lists to printing out notes and rough drafts. And yet I will obsess over using too many pages.

Maybe this is less a recycling issue, and more a psychological one?