Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I spent most of the morning running hither and yon on assorted errands. The leg was super tender when I got up, even worse by the time I got done exacerbating it, and I'm now running a fever. The good news is, I have horse pill antibiotics, so it should start settling down soon. In the meantime, if you talk to me and I seem a little out of it, I may be. On the other hand, you may not be talking to me anytime soon, because a nap is sounding really good.

In usual me-fashion, I'm already having second thoughts about the working title for the Q3 story. "Pale Roses" is not terribly SF/F sounding. Grizz made a suggestion involving the words "star" and "fall" which I'd passed on previously, merely because I had an RP character whose last name was Starfall, and I have trouble disassociating the word combination from her. Which sounds silly, now that I type it out. So, yeah. "Stars Fall" or "And the Stars Fell" or "All the Stars Fall" or... Something. Maybe.

Maybe the Muse will whisper in my ear while I'm napping.

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