Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Toiling upward in the night

(Yes, I have been playing with the random quotation page again.)

I mentioned having put together a writing schedule for myself through the end of the year. The schedule includes a goal daily word count on days when I'm supposed to be producing rough draft of projects, with some specific dates for bigger benchmarks, mostly revolving around the quarterly due dates of the Writers of the Future contest. I also built in some days for producing no word count even during rough draft work, as a nod to my knowledge that sometimes I just need to step back and reassess and let things bubble a little.

This will be the second such reassessing and bubbling day this week, so I'm glad I built them in. I needed the time to reconnect with Crowmaker and to do a little more note making on the cultures involved and the overall plot structure. I hear bubbling, even if I don't know yet how the stew will turn out. Something yummy, I hope. I definitely need to get back into producing new word count soon, though--I can feel my writing muscles stiffening up and aching for a good run.

County fair this week. Balloon race was kind of a fizzle--fewer balloons than usual and they blew the opposite direction from us--but still a good excuse to sit on the deck and eat fudgesicles together. We'll hit the midway some afternoon/evening this week (the boys and I, at least), since Joey insists he really does want to ride the parachute drop and the double ferris wheel, and Michael must have funnel cake. (I might be a sucker for a lemon shakeup, myself.)

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Grizz said...

Mmmm, funnel cake.