Monday, July 28, 2008

Butt shot

I have a sebaceous cyst on the back of my leg that got infected five years or so ago but responded well to antibiotics and has been quiet and well-behaved since then. Over the weekend, it rebelled and turned into a big red bump of ow, so it was off to the doctor today. She took one look and insisted a shot of antibiotic was in order, to be followed by the less-painful oral variety over the next week and a half. The nurse, in her turn, insisted that the shot would be less painful administered to the "hip." And yeah, we all know what that's nurse-speak for.

Finished up the major revisions to the Q3 story today. Took one less day than I'd anticipated, yay! Which is good, since tomorrow morning will be booked solid with grocery shopping, prescription filling, and a visit to the insurance claims adjuster with the van. I also spent at least 45 minutes (including wait time at the doctor's office) doodling down every word I could think of that was relevant to the almost-finished Q3 story and jiggling them around this way and that in an attempt to find a title that made me say, "Wow." I did not find such a title, but I tentatively decided on "Pale Roses." I am currently experiencing post-story ennui, which could mean the story sucks or could just mean I need to recharge the mental batteries where it's concerned. I'll set it aside until the beginning of September and switch gears back to Crowmaker for a while. I've half-decided to skip the Q4 story in order to concentrate solely on Crowmaker until it has at least the rough draft done. Switching back and forth between projects has its positive side, but it also means more days readjusting to a story that I had to leave behind for a while. I guess I'll see how I feel when October rolls around. For now I will simply remind myself that when I set that goal, I hadn't planned on a novel moving into my life. If I skip the Q4 entry, it will be dubbed "flexibility" and not "copping out."

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