Sunday, July 13, 2008

One moment to the next

Yesterday, I caught a good chunk of quiet time to assess stories and my schedule and take a stab at semi-organizing my writing time for the next couple of months. The Q3 story will be back burner for a couple of weeks, to do its stewing thing before I take a second look at it. In the meantime, it's back to Crowmaker. I have plans to visit the folks the week of the 20th, but the boys and I will be staying in a hotel in order to take advantage of the pool, so I should be able to keep up some kind of word count while I'm away. (Yay for laptops.)

I have also decided to move Crowmaker off Power Writer and into traditional, plain old word processor files. I've copied over note tabs already, just need to print them out and put together ye olde three ring binder of notes. (Call me old-fashioned, but I find it easier to track down what I need on paper than scrolling up and down through a zillion pages of on screen notes.) I really do like Power Writer--it's almost the ideal setup for me, in theory. But the whole undo button that doesn't really undo anything and other assorted glitches have made me a little nervous. Once I get up and running, hopefully I can spend less time fussing with software and just write.

The really good news is that Ein and Kellen popped into my head and started talking to me this morning, without me even having to go looking for them. The others can't be far behind, which means Crowmaker is still alive and kicking.

Our county fair opens today, which means we will have a hot air balloon race to watch this evening. Sometimes they come right over our house, one year so low we could look up inside the balloons and hear the burners hissing and flaming. Very cool. (Or so I thought. Avie was less enthused and went from standing against the fence barking as they approached to cowering under my chair and growling as they passed overhead.)

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