Monday, June 23, 2008

Moodling and a new toy

Good news for writers! Of course, we know this instinctively already. And there is most definitely a line where we cross over into self-defeating idyllism. But it's nice to remember that it's OK to give ourselves permission for some moodling now and then.

Some fun things to play with here. (It's where I got the cool progress meter you see over in the sidebar.) The story idea and conflict generators might be fun to play with in a week or so, when I start working on a short story for next quarter's Writers of the Future contest.

In the meantime, although I'm feeling somewhat fuzzy-headed and out of it today, Crowmaker is still marching along without too much trouble, laundry is caught up from the weekend, and I've accomplished the other odds and ends of errands I assigned myself for the day. Go me.

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