Saturday, June 14, 2008

Even dog posts need titles

"Wings" has been tweaked, polished, printed in final contest-ready format, and tucked neatly into a 9"x12" with its companion SASE. Monday morning it will travel to the post office and then out into the great unknown. I'd had the task on my schedule for Monday-Tuesday, but I was able to accomplish the marvel of actual writing productivity over the weekend because the kids were seriously burned out after the sleepover. Joey took a two-hour nap and has nodded off on the couch again as we speak. This left only the husbandly distraction, and he ran a couple of errands and tinkered around in the garage for just long enough to get a final proofread done. After that, it was just a matter of formatting and printing everything. That part can be done while answering random questions every few minutes, thankfully, since that's how it happened. I celebrated with a fudgesicle (sugar-free), which made the dog very happy since she gets to lick the last layer of chocolate off the stick.

"The dog" does have a name, which is Avie. It's pronounced with a long "a" and a long "e" and was inherited from her former owner--we got her from a shelter when she was two. Sometimes, however, under circumstances you can likely imagine, her name becomes "Dogbutt." ("Get your dog butt OFF the table, please!) She doesn't seem to mind.

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Grizz said...

Woohoo! Congrats on Wings!

Also? That's a fantastic picture of Avie.